Xiao Chuan Lian

Professor Lian is currently Senior Staff Associate and adjunct professor in the M.S. in Publishing Program, Pace University. Professor Lian holds an MBA and M.S. in Publishing from Pace University.  He received a Paralegal Certificate from New York University, a BA in Library Science from Wuhan University, China and attended the Denver Publishing Institute.

Before working and teaching at Pace University, Professor Lian worked as an editor at China Press USA, and the Copyright & Permission Administrator at the Springer Science + Business Media in New York.  He teaches PUB 628 “Marketing Principles and Practices in Publishing” and PUB 622-G “Digital Issues in Publishing” at Pace.  His research interests include digital publishing, marketing, STM publishing, copyright, and the history of publishing.

Professor Lian was one of the founding members of the first publishing program in China at Wuhan University, and taught book marketing in the Publishing Science Department, School of Information Management at Wuhan University, China. He has lectured and published extensively in China on the topic of digital publishing.

The Pace Publishing Blog featured Lian in the “Faculty in the Spotlight” series in April 2012.