Welcome back students! We hope you had a wonderful and safe winter break.

Over the break, our very own adjunct professor, Thad McIlroy compiled a report examining the impact of Covid-19 on the publishing industry, which provides insights for the year ahead. The report looks at the impact of Covid-19 on different areas of the industry, such as retail, higher education, the entertainment industry, and more. 

Professor McIlroy first became interested in exploring the effects of Covid-19 on publishing when Amazon let their book fulfillment fall behind at the height of the pandemic, negatively impacting publishing sales at no fault of the publishers. However, this disruption allowed for many booksellers to come up with new, innovative ways of selling to their customers through curbside pickup and online orders. This prompted Professor McIlroy to create a report that looks at Covid-19 and its effects on book publishing from the outline looking in. Along with established publishing industry consultants Cliff Guren and Steve Sieck, the three industry professionals created a free, fifty-page report with the hope of stimulating a conversation within the industry.

Be sure to check out the full report here!