Kathy Sandler

Professor Sandler is currently working as a Manager of Content Applications at Penguin Random House. She previously worked in eBooks at Scholastic, where she helped launch Storia – a free teacher-recommended eReader for PC, iPad, and Android Tablet. Before that, she consulted at Meredith, helping to launch Parents and Fitness Magazines to iPad and Android. Professor Sandler worked at Hearst Magazines in publishing technology for over 20 years. She has an MBA from NYU and a BA from George Washington University. Kathy teaches two online classes: PUB 621 “E-Books: Technology, Workflow, and Business Model,” a class she proposed and developed, as well as PUB 612 “Information Systems Management in Publishing.”

The Pace Publishing Blog featured Sandler in the “Faculty in the Spotlight” series in October 2012.