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of the Graduate Publishing program offered at Pace University’s Downtown New York Campus in the heart of the publishing world at 156 William St, 5th floor.


2020-2021 Distinguished Professor Lecture

The 2020-2021 Distinguished Professors of the MS in Publishing program are Wade Hudson and Cheryl Willis Hudson.

Welcome to the Spring 2021 Semester. We have moved our offices to temporary quarters at 156 William Street, 5th floor, while more permanent offices are being designed and built for us across the street. The new offices will be available later in 2021.

The temporary offices have two computer labs with 12 computers in each, so students can social distance. The 5th floor space also has a waiting area/student lounge with couches, a couple of tables and chairs and two vending machines. It’s a great space.

The labs will be open during the week from 11 to 4 Monday through Thursday.

As you know, we are mostly virtual this semester, but staff and faculty will be in the offices throughout the week.


Levitz Lecture

On February 19, the MS in Publishing Program started its series of spring events, a lineup of networking sessions and guest lectures about the industry. The event featured Paul Levitz (former executive, publisher, president of D.C. Comics; winner of the Inkpot Award...

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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni in the Spotlight | Skyler Van Valkenburgh ‘19

Alumni in the Spotlight | Skyler Van Valkenburgh ‘19

Skyler Van Valkenburgh is an Editorial Assistant at Wiley.   What are your job responsibilities? As an editorial assistant at Wiley, I work mainly on Architecture and Education. But ask any EA what they do and the answer is "everything!" I coordinate cover and...

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Around Town & Campus

Atria Lecture

On February 29th, the MS in Publishing Program had its second networking event: Diversity in Publishing: The Lifecycle of a Book, featuring teams from Atria, an imprint at Simon & Schuster. They covered a wide range of books: The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila...

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Faculty Spotlight

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