What are your plans post-graduation?

Take a moment to breathe before (hopefully) starting a full-time job. It’s been a wild two years, guys, and I’ve been informed by several people that I don’t know how to take a vacation.


How did the classes you took during your time in the program prepare you to work in the industry?

I’ve learned so much! I honestly don’t know where to start – Professor Samedi taught me how to anticipate issues with the supply chain, Professors Johnson and Jacobson have given me the editorial skills, Professor Cox with understanding ethics and technology… Publishing is a holistic industry, and the classes at Pace will prepare you for any type of job because of how they’re connected.


What were some of the highlights during your graduate experience?

Events like speed mentoring and the alumni networking, but being one of the first people to try the One-on-One program was a fantastic experience! I also loved, loved being able to connect with the people behind some of my favorite books and authors. Arthur Levine, Ebony Ladelle, Rachel Coun – all great highlights!


What advice do you have for current students in the program?

Learn how to keep to a schedule! If you are working part-time with an internship and classes, then you must know how to block out your time accordingly. When I was writing my thesis, my calendar kept me in line throughout the many deadlines. Also, have fun! Make friends! The people in your classes are going to become your colleagues. The relationships you build now are important!


Where do you hope to be in five to ten years?

Editorial! I would love to work with a publishing house or an imprint that has a focus on children’s literature. I love the passion in the market and the impact it has on its readers. A small part of me even has a dream to work on an anthology down the road, as an editor and a writer, about fairytales for teens. I have a lot of feelings about wanting to bring classic SFF authors like Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow to a new audience.


What are you reading right now? Either for work or for pleasure.

A Lady for a Duke by Alexis Hall (Forever, May 24) is a queer historical romance set in the regency era. It is full of deeply tender moments about loving yourself and others.


Anything else you’d like to add?

My dog, Bullwinkle, who has never met any of you, will miss you all.

(I can also be found on twitter as @conjureraachel)