In the spirit of the season, we wanted to share what some members of our team are thankful for this November.

We also want to thank all of you for supporting The Pub Lab!




“This year I was blessed with amazing friends and
professors who decided to jump into one of my craziest
ideas with me. Their trust and support is a gift. I am
extremely grateful for all the adventures 2023 brought
into my life and the amazing people I met through the
Pace Publishing Program and that I now get to share
those adventures with!”

– Luiza Guimaraes, Editor-in-chief



“I am absolutely grateful for the friends-like-family I found in
the Publishing program at Pace. Being able to have a
support system of women who want to work in the same
industry as you is rare, and I feel blessed to have found
that! I am also grateful for our professors who believed in
our abilities and helped bring The Pub Lab into fruition.”

– Harshdeep Kaur, Agent/Editor



“I’m insanely grateful that the Pace Publishing Program
has brought me some of my best friends, especially in a
time where the industry, and world at large, are in scary
places. Having the best people around you to do the hard
things with will forever keep me going.”


– Amber Grell, Agent/Editor



“I am thankful to be a part of the M.S. in Publishing
Program. The ability to learn and gain valuable skills in the
publishing industry through this program is a dream come
true. I am thankful to be a part of so many amazing
projects this year, including The Pub Lab. I’m lucky to get
to work with an amazing team of students to bring this
journal to life.”


– Pand Milo, Social Media/Marketing Director



“I am thankful for my family, books, studying at Pace
University, learning how to be a digital creator, and
self-publishing my journals.”


– Cathyrn Eta, Designer



“I’m thankful to have met so many encouraging, smart, and
motivated women who share my interests—especially a love
for book publishing. The M.S. in Publishing program gave me the
direction and support I needed to feel confident going into the


– Kristen Mejia, Copyeditor


From all of us at The Pub Lab, Happy Thanksgiving!