Favorite Quote: “For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it” – Amanda Gorman. 

Favorite Course: My favorite course that I’ve taken in the publishing program would have to be Children’s Book Publishing with Professor Kreit or eBooks: Technology, Workflow, and Business with Professor McKesson.

What are your plans post-graduation?

My plans post-graduation are to hopefully secure a position at a children’s imprint in the marketing, publicity, or sales areas. I also am looking at getting into freelance editing and copywriting and am very much looking forward to diving back into my own creative writing. 

How do you think classes prepared you for your career in publishing?

The classes in the publishing program prepared me for a career in this field by giving me so much real-world knowledge to apply to the coursework through professors and fellow students sharing their experiences, internships, or talks with industry professionals. All of these really add to and enrich what we’re learning about in class.

What are your favorite moments in the program?

I think some of my favorite moments in the program have been becoming close with so many other people who love books and publishing just as much as I do. Book lovers are such a niche group in some spaces so it’s nice to have peers and professors who share this common interest, who actually know and appreciate what you’re talking about when referencing class or internship work.

Advice for incoming/current students?

My advice for incoming/current students is to be confident in your abilities and knowledge. Truly make connections with peers, professors, and coworkers, and never be afraid to share with everyone what you’re passionate about!

What are your five to ten-year hopes & goals you want to accomplish?

This question is so daunting coming up on graduation, but I would have to say that I hope to be working somewhere in a children’s imprint and have hopefully climbed up the ladder by a step or two. I would say most importantly that I hope I’m happy wherever I am and that I’m working on books that change people’s lives. My biggest goal in the next five to ten years is to finish writing multiple books that I have planned out in my head but have never put the words to the page.

What are you reading right now?

I am currently reading Me Myself and Him by Chris Tebbets, which was actually recommended to me by Professor Kreit. It’s a very interesting YA book about alternate timelines and I’m really enjoying it so far!