Jodylynn is currently a freelance website designer for local business owners in the metro NY area. She is a Community Advisor for the online news outlet and reports on-the-scene local news events in conjunction with the Daily Voice’s editorial team.

For the past four years, Bachiman has been the Technology Director and Webmaster for the Bergen County Protect and Rescue Foundation No-Kill Animal Shelter. She also acts as the foundation’s spokesperson for breaking news. During the first half 2016, she assisted with crowdfunding non-profit fundraisers and spreading awareness of animal hoarding by means of social media reporting.

She began her teaching career in September 2004 as an adjunct lecturer for the Pace University MS in Publishing Program. She teaches publishing technology courses Electronic Publishing (Pub 636) and Modern Technology Publishing (Pub 620). Pub 636 is taught using Adobe Creative Cloud, a software program used by publishers, with an emphasis on responsive design, web analytics, social media and mobile apps.

She has been a member of the Pace University MS in Publishing Advisory Board for the 15 years. She is also a current member of the Pace University e-Portfolio Teaching Circle. Bachiman also serves on the Pace University Institutional Review Board Leadership Committee.

Bachiman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Journalism from Baruch College, City University of New York, and is an alumni of the MS in Publishing Program. She has completed sixty credits towards a Ph.D. in Education Technology at Walden University.

Bachiman has 15 years of service in the publishing industry, where she was employed by magazine publishing giant Time Inc. Her first five years at Time Inc. were spent in the Sales and Use Tax division. She also spent six years in the Corporate Production Division as an Assistant Production Manager. Her passion for publishing technology and experience in the media arena allowed her to utilize advertising and marketing skills in a non-profit environment. Some of the media campaigns she participated include Ad Council sponsored non-profit organizations such as Teach for America, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York, St. Jude’s Hope Campaign, and several Red Cross campaigns.

Bachiman is a five-year veteran of The Mastocytosis Society, Inc. Board of Directors. In 2007, she was elected as Media Relations Chair for TMS. During the time, she represented TMS at professional conferences focusing on spreading awareness about mast-cell disease to health care professionals. She played an active role in the production of the TMS Mast Cell Activation Symptomatology DVD as both a TMS Board Member and as a Mastocytosis patient and disability advocate.