Sherman Raskin

Sherman Raskin is a Professor of Publishing and English at Pace University.  He has been at Pace fifty years and presently serves as Director of the MS in Publishing program.  He formerly served as Chair of the English Department for twenty-four years.

As Chair of the English Department, Professor Raskin helped shape the literature, writing and cultural studies concentrations.  As Director of the Publishing Program for the past twenty-eight years, he has worked with a professional board of publishers to develop curriculum and establish a unique program that serves the industry.  For twenty-five years, he has held the position of Director of the Pace University Press, an academic press that is well known for its studies of Virginia Woolf and medieval literature.

Professor Raskin is a member of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees at Pace University and is a member of the Board of Trustees of Philips Beth Israel School of Nursing.  He also serves on the University Curriculum Committee and the executive council for the Dean of Dyson College.  In September 2000, he received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences for his service and contribution to the university.  In 2005, he received recognition for twenty years of leadership as Director of the Publishing Program.  Professor Raskin has lectured on the Future of Publishing both nationally and internationally.  In 2009, he gave a talk at the Global Chinese Publishing Forum at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Professor Raskin holds a BFA degree in Dramatic Arts and a MA degree in English from Columbia University.