Thomas August Di Mascio

The supply chain is the beating heart of the business of publishing. Continuously managing and optimizing it is what publishers do every day.  With twenty-five years of experience in publishing operations, Professor Di Mascio describes the business of publishing from a unique perspective.  Today, he is the Director of Supply Chain Management & Logistics at DC Entertainment and throughout his career has worked for many other distinguished publishers such as Penguin USA, John Wiley & Sons, and Berlitz Publishing.  The course he teaches, PUB 22H “Introduction to Supply Chain Management in Publishing,” examines several distinct publishing supply chains: i.e. traditional book market, specialty book market, newsstand, subscription, and electronic. Professor Di Mascio received his undergraduate degree in Economics and MBA from Rutgers University and his MS in Publishing from Pace University.

The Pace Publishing Blog featured Di Mascio in the “Faculty in the Spotlight” series in April 2013.