For Pace MS in Publishing Students!


Pace student volunteers are needed for O’Reilly’s TOC NY conference which will take place on Tuesday, February 12th through Thursday, February 14th.


Three volunteers are needed for Tuesday, 2/12, Author Revolution Day (and additional workshops) and six volunteers are needed for Wednesday, 2/13, and for Thursday, 2/14 (the main TOC events-click on above link to view the schedule).


The conference takes place at the Marriott Marquis at 1535 Broadway.


One role the students will play is to serve as the host for each of the breakout session rooms. This means that means that you would be in that room throughout the breakout sessions,introduce the next speaker and help make sure each session ends on time. There will also be some other tasks assigned to volunteers which will be assigned before the conference begins


There will be numerous volunteers so that students will have time to attend sessions during the conference


Student volunteers will be able to attend all the Keynote Addresses (http://www.toccon.com/toc2013/public/schedule/stype/keynote) and will not have any room responsibilities during those times.


Full complementary conference passes will be provided for all of the Pace MS in Publishing volunteers (a three day pass costs $1395).


If interested please send your resume to Professor Jane Denning (jdenning@pace.edu) no later than Friday, January 25th.


This is an excellent opportunity to learn and network and I hope that many of you will consider volunteering!