Welcome back to the    Spring 2013 Semester!

It is good to be back and posting to the blog after our semester break.  I hope that all of you enjoyed a bit of time off over the holidays and that you had time to get in some good reading!


I found it particularly interesting to look back at some of the exciting things that happened in the book and magazine publishing industries in 2012 and to read a bit about what the New Year might bring.  So I thought I would share a few articles/links/videos that I liked (see below) and that might give you some food for thought as you continue with your studies, internships or jobs.  From what the stellar staff of PW read in 2012 (one of my favorite magazines–see the blog post about the great student discount they offer for an online subscription to out students) to some of the best magazine covers of 2012 to some interesting statistics on how women are represented in the literary arts to an inside peak at DC Comics with Today’s Jenna Wolfe (where our own Prof. DiMascio is the Director of Supply Chain Management).  I hope you enjoy them!


This semester, in addition to our regular Link of the Week, Quote of the Week, Monthly Alumni in the Spotlight Interviews, Faculty/Advisory Board in the Spotlight features as well as our Media Roundup, Reports from the Trenches (we love to have students blog about field trips, guest lectures, books or magazines they have read etc.) and Volunteer and Industry Panels and Event postings, we are excited to be adding a new feature called “Jobs in the Spotlight” to the MS in Publishing blog.  The goal of this feature is to highlight interesting job opportunities that our currently enrolled students, new graduates and alumni might be interested in.  If you are an employer or hear about a great position that you would like to share, please send it to us.

In closing, we would like to thank you for your contributions to and feedback on the blog and we hope that you are finding it to be a useful resource. Please feel free to email me (jdenning@pace.edu) with any sugestions or comments you have– I love to hear from you and am always looking for new ways to provide you with useful information.

Heres to a great semester and a wonderful spring (wishful thinking I know!).



Professor Jane Kinney-Denning

Director of Internships and Corporate Outreach

MS in Publishing Blog Editor



 PW Staff: Our Favorite Books We Read in 2012

PW has already named its Best Books of 2012, but since readers rarely get to see the faces behind the scenes, we thought we’d let our staff share the best book they read in 2012, because deep down, we’re all just book nerds.



What Was The Most Reviewed Book Of 2012?

Goodreads came out with an awesome infographic that reviews their past year. It reveals some pretty interesting information. Their most reviewed book on the popular website in the last year was Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl (if you haven’t read it yet, we suggest that you do). Given the size of the site’s audience – 13 million registered users submitting over 20 million reviews – that most likely makes it the most reviewed book online this year. Their most added quote? It was from John Green’s fantastic 2012 YA novel The Fault in Our Stars: “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once.”


Best Books Of 2013? Our Picks For The Year’s Biggest Reads

What are the best books of 2013? We’ve stepped out of our time machine (hint: talk to that person next to you on the airplane, don’t try the veal) to bring you the must-read titles from the year ahead.

It’s shaping up to be a fascinating 12 months, with the sequel to The Shining, a new David Sedaris, a self-published book poised to become a global success, a new James Salter, a new Suzanne Collins, a new Karen Russell… and so much more.


21 Indie Publishing Predictions For 2013. Mark Coker, Founder, Smashwords

It’s that time of year when book people polish their crystal balls and make predictions for the year ahead. I bring you, my dear reader, my epic predictions for 2013.


The art of magazine covers: 20 incredible examples from 2012

Feast your eyes on the art of magazine covers, with a look at 20 of 2012’s best offerings including Wired, Little White Lies, and Wallpaper.

The art of print design and magazine covers is more important than ever. With cutbacks, iPads, and the internet, it’s imperative that art directors, editors, and photographers get their magazine covers right.


Behind the scenes as Mad Magazine turns 60

“I think the main appeal of this magazine is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously,” said editor John Ficarra. With its certain brand of humor and satire, Mad has been entertaining readers for six decades and counting. TODAY’S Jenna Wolfe reports.


Women in the Literary Arts

Interesting (startling?) statistics showing how women are represented as writers, book reviewers and in prestigious publications such at The New Yorker, The Boston Globe, the Atlantic, Harper’s Magazine, the London Review of Books…..



Donate Books To A Good Cause

If you’re looking to make some space on your shelves and get rid of old books you’ll never crack open again, there’s a great website that makes donating them even easier than dropping them off at the library. Read more!