We are starting a new feature here on the MS Publishing Blog designed to help connect Pace alumni and current students with employers. Check back every Thursday for a new job posting, and let Professor Denning know if you need help with your resume, interview skills, or general direction when applying to jobs.


  • Fast Company is seeking a fulltime associate editor! A business start-up related company, this job requires previous editorial experience and proven copy editing skills.  The job would require you to write and report on different business strategies and applications. Fast Company is looking for individuals who are social media savvy with a general interest in business strategy and personal development. Candidates should have some HTML knowledge. For more information, click the link.


  • Mary Beth Liebert is seeking a Peer Review Associate! Based in Westchester, this publisher is home to premier medical and scientific journals. This position is mainly administrative and customer service based, and the candidate will be responsible for coordinating manuscript submissions. The ideal candidate will be responsible, have great communication skills, and be able to work independently. For more information, click the link. Interested candidates should get in contact with Professor Denning.