Best-selling author John Green has been making waves in the literary world. His book, the The Fault in Our Stars has been extremely successful, crossing over both YA and adult markets. LA Times writer Susan Carpenter delves into Green’s work and rise to popularity.  Recently he hosted an event “the Evening of Awesome” at Carnegie Hall for fans and aspiring writers. With music, special guests the Mountain Goats and author Neil Gaiman, Green’s popularity is reaching celebrity status. The whole event is available to stream on YouTube. Visit Green’s blog to read his notes on the publishing industry, life, and writing.

As aspiring publishers, writers, publicists, and marketers we should all take note of Green’s interaction with the public. The connection and visibility Green offers his young readers can create life-long fans and devoted literary defenders. By hosting events and creating new content on his blog, Green stays current in the literary world’s eye. When the Huffington Postasked him about giving back to his fans, Green says:



“I don’t really think of it as giving, because I also receive a lot: Readers make music and art and fan fiction and t-shirts inspired by my books, which is tremendously fulfilling. One of the most important things art can do is inspire more art. I also like my readers, and I feel lucky for the conversations we get to have inside of books but also for the ones we get to have off the page.”