As we learn in our classes and internships, social media is poised to take over the world of marketing and brand exposure. Traditional methods of advertising still work, but new technologies are changing the way consumers interact with their favorite products and companies. We’ve had our personal social networking sites ever since we were old enough (or sneaky enough) to pass the terms of service, does this make us experts in the field? Chances are we could all learn a thing or two about how to utilize new media to the best of our advantage. Publishing as a whole is changing as authors connect with fans through Facebook and Twitter, giving consumers unparalleled access to their professional and personal lives. A single post from Steven King can reach many more than his 41,000 Facebook fans. How can we capitalize on this as publishers? This week, we bring you the Social Media Examiner, a blog and resource website for those interested in the latest social media news, learning tips to share your content, and industry reports on the subject. Check out their post on the benefits and disadvantages of Tumblr.  How have YOU been using social media in your professional experiences? Share in the comments.