International Academic Alliance (IAA), a company with over 27 years of experience working with international students, is looking to create a new advisory program aimed at facilitating the transitions of international students to American colleges. This program will be collaborating with foreign counseling firms to provide students and their families with the resources, contacts, and knowledge they need to successfully complete their studies in the U.S.

The amount of experience you will receive in our internship is not only priceless, but endless, as we seek to involve our interns in every aspect of the creation of an educational initiative from the ground up.

  • Gain instruction and hands on experience shaping and creating various guides and manuals that will aid our students and their advisors. 
  • Learn about the process to publish material in various fashions, including online publications
  • Research other companies and articles that will provide guidance in the creation of our live educational workshops, written articles, interactive videos, and learning modules. 
  • Participate in the presentation of research to the company owner and directors.
  • Establish an excellent reference.  Our Directors are glad to speak to your abilities and experience to future employers/grad schools.

Our Publications Internship is meant to provide our interns with the unique opportunity to take a leadership role in the planning of a global educational initiative.  The experience to be gained is limitless, and we hope to invigorate interns with the exciting possibility of shaping the plans of our new program.

Structure of Internship:

  • Our office is conveniently located in midtown at 39th St. and 6 Ave, easily accessible to subway and bus transportation.
  • Start Date- We are always looking for new interns.  We are flexible to start your internship either later in the year or during the summer
  • Length of Internship- 3 months
  • Frequency- Interns report to our Midtown Location 2-4 times/ week for a total of 15 hours/week.  We provide flexible hours between a Mon-Fri 9a-6p timeframe

If interested, please send a brief cover letter expressing your interest, your resume, and your availability to interview over the course of the next 2 weeks.

We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Interest and dedication to global awareness
  • Currently enrolled at undergraduate institution, or recent graduate
  • Solid grasp of English language, as well as research and writing experience
  • Comfort speaking to administrators at U.S. Colleges
  • Availability of  15+ hours/week, over course of 4 month period, as well as punctuality
  • Ability to report to midtown location
Please contact Professor Denning if you are interested in applying to this internship.