The BPEF Internship Program accepts applications from college sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Applicants must have completed their sophomore year of college by June and be a full-time student. A GPA of 3.0 or higher within your major is required.

Internship Duration

BPEF summer internships run 10-12 weeks and are usually based on the needs of the host companies. Selected applicants are notified on a rolling basis. Most summer internships begin in late May or early June and end in August or early September. BPEF interns usually work at least 35 hours a week, unless special arrangements are made between the intern and the company for a part-time schedule.

Compensation and Course Credit

Compensation for paid internships is typically between $10-12/hr. The pay period at most of the participating companies is twice a month. Internships that are unpaid and “for-credit only” will be compensated by the employer through tangible educational benefits in addition to the normal workload. Examples include: a set one-on-one weekly time with editor/supervisor to discuss more detailed aspects of the publishing industry; inclusion in industry conferences or meetings; or publication of a pre-determined number of bylined articles. For-credit internships are subject to approval from the intern’s school or professor.


How accurately students follow the application instructions is taken into consideration, as well as grammatical and typing errors within the cover letter and application. Students are also selected on the basis of their background in journalism, media  and/or communications, including knowledge of and experience in business-to-business media, including the following:


• Academic courses in journalism, preferably in reporting, writing, editing;
• Participation in campus journalism, preferably as an editor on the newspaper, campus magazines, electronic editions, or yearbook
• Previous summer internships or jobs at magazines or newspapers, or other journalistic experience.


• Academic courses and/or experience in the specific area you choose (marketing, production/design, etc).


BPEF makes every effort to match interns with companies based on the applicants specific areas of interest, previous experience, and geographic preferences as noted in the application form. However, an exact match is not always possible, and the final placement decision is based on the needs of the participating companies. BPEF interns will experience the same level of personal guidance and attention regardless of the specific internship placement. Therefore, please keep an open mind about all of the participating companies. Please keep in mind that it takes BPEF some time to evaluate the large volume of applications we receive. Students will be contacted if there is a position available that matches his or her skills, but that does not necessarily guarantee an internship. All final internship decisions are made by the hiring company.

Fill out their online application to apply now! The deadline to apply is April 5, 2013. Please e-mail Professor Denning if you are interested in applying so that she can help you with the process.