While on the search for jobs, today’s young aspiring professionals have many different ways to use web resources to reach their dreams. Social media sites like Linked In provide us with the opportunity to connect and digitally network with prospective employers. Job search sites like Media Bistro or Idealist are hubs with huge numbers of available jobs and internship opportunities. The amount of opportunities can be daunting for the applicant who wants to approach different types of career prospects. Perhaps you have an interest in working in advertising, but don’t know what the top agencies are, or how to approach this type of job because your experience is in another field. That’s where Muse comes in. A three tired website, Muse offers great advice for any job seeking individual. Muse’s blog posts helpful advice on things like asking for a raise or negotiating a better salary when you get hired. The companies section of their site offers in depth looks into top businesses, which is great preparation for any type of interview. Check out their page on the blogging platform Tumblr to see how the company is run. Muse also has a healthy job listing section, too!