Magazine professionals everywhere know that you have to stay current and updated on the state of the industry in order to succeed. There are many blogs, web resources, and publications available to keep us informed and up to date on important issues. Folio Mag is a leader in this mission. Their website is a fantastic resource for professionals. They have resources on suppliers  for anything from fulfillment to designers, which help you to make the right decision when you’re in the editor’s seat. They also have a section of research (great for your papers!) and case studies on publishing and marketing methods.Take a look at their white paper on Social Media and Publishers. They provide job listings too! In addition, they have a healthy blog covering the latest news in mergers, technology, and other business related to publishing. Their blog has a great ‘people on the move‘ feature that tracks the latest promotions and job switches of today’s magazine professionals. Check out Folio’s website here, or take a look at their print edition.