While The New York Times Book Review constantly changes its reviewed titles, it has recently been announced that a change has also been made in the Review’s editor.  Pamela Paul, the former features editor and children’s book editor, will succeed long-time editor, Sam Tanenhaus.  Paul is an award-winning author and journalist, and also contributes to other sections of the Times including Styles and Arts.  In an article for The Daily Beast, Tanenhaus said this of the new Review’s new editor: “I’m delighted Pamela will be the next editor…She’s an inventive, inquisitive journalist with a great feel for the changing moment and also for deep cultural currents. No less important, she is a wonderful colleague much respected by the TBR staff.” 


As a future member of the publishing industry, it was interesting to read about the new editor’s thoughts about the publishing industry from an interview with the Beast’s Steve Kettmann.  When asked about the future of books, Paul offers an opinion that comforts professionals worried about changing publishing trends: “a book, to my mind, is still one of the best ways to tell stories and deliver information and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I think that’s a part of human nature.” She also cites her mother, who was also a writer, as a main source for her love of books, and goes on to say that she is currently reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.  Paul brings an unique perspective to the New York Times Book Review editor position, since she has experienced her own reviews as an author.  To read the rest of her interview, click here.

By: Diana Cavallo