Students Applaud Arthur A. Levine’s lecture as the 2013 David Pecker Distinguished Visting Professor  


The thing I liked most about him, particularly in last night’s speech, was that he is very modest. You would never know that he has the job he does if you saw him walking down the street. Even if you do know who he is, he makes himself very personable and relatable while staying professional. I also liked how one of his pieces of advice was to have a life outside of publishing. I think it’s really important because while he stressed that it was important to stay driven, he also made it clear that his whole life wasn’t publishing.” –David Neth



Mr. Levine is amazing; he has stayed grounded throughout his whole career. My takeaway–and favorite thing about the lecture–was that he admits to his mistakes and finds time outside of the world of publishing to be a better person.  Arthur A. Levine inspires through his wit and wisdom, if only we could aspire to as much.” –Heather Allen


Natascha Morris took this Arthur Levine quote to heart: “Having second thoughts and feeling like you are struggling doesn’t mean you are not meant to be here.”


Mr. Levine is a living legend and shared a wealth of information with the audience that can’t be found online or taught in a classroom.  His personal, industry experiences were both honest and funny, and truly hit home for so many of us who are going to soon be stepping out into the workforce.” –Diana Cavallo   


I really appreciated his candidness about his ‘big mistakes’. It’s something to look back on as we go through our own careers; when we make mistakes- and we will- we can remind ourselves about the Arthur Levines who’ve been there and how far they’ve come.” –Tqwana Brown


 “For me, Mr. Levine’s lecture was a refreshing take on a dimension of publishing that we do not often think about.  The importance of instinct and networking are paramount to success in the industry.” – Miguel Cervantes


 “Recently, I have been applying for internships.  Mr. Levine’s lecture about “what should be aware of the preparation for the interviews” was very instructive.  Moreover, the two points he mentioned about “fighting for the right things, right person, right time” and “always keep learning” inspired me a lot.- Mengqi Li


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