Pace MS in Publishing Professor Aaron Goldsmid was quoted in a very interesting article about a new Facebook messaging system that involves talking heads. Prof. Goldsmid teaches PUB 622J, the “Seminar on Books & Magazines: Practical Applications of Product Management in Digital Media” course with Professor Christine Ford, which offered during the Summer I class session.  Prof. Goldsmid currently works as a Digital Product Manager for Facebook.


  The Verge article by Ellis Hamburger chronicles the story of Facebook product designers, Joey Flynn and Brandon Walkin, who developed “Chat Heads.”  “Chat Heads” was designed to allow people to send text messages while doing other things on their smartphones.  Your contact’s face will appear in a bubble across the top of any smartphone app being used and allow you to effectively multitask!


Click here to read the full article from The Verge about how “ChatHeads” are becoming the future of Facebook messaging, and what Prof. Goldsmid thinks about it!

By: Diana Cavallo