Graduation is almost here! Many of our students are on the hunt for full-time employment. It can be easy to get discouraged when applying for jobs in a competitive field like publishing. Maybe the answer falls somewhere outside the box? Many have the goal of being an editor at a big six publisher in New York and sometimes get tunnel vision when thinking about their future. Perhaps going for jobs that are a little different might surprise you, or at the least, give you more confidence when going on your ideal interviews. This week we bring you jobs from across the country in the textbook market. This is where Professor Denning got her start, and it brought her here to New York. W.W Norton & Company offers a rewarding work environment and encourages individuals to grow and learn. This week they have two jobs available in Chicago and Spokane as sales representatives for college textbooks.

Position: College Sales Representative

Company: W.W Norton

Location: Chicago, Illinois or Spokane, Washington

About the Job:

Intellectual engagement. Independence. Variety. All in a collegial community of lively, humane people who share a common goal of publishing and promoting distinctive educational materials. Join the W. W. Norton sales team and begin a rewarding career in college publishing.

Sales representatives at W. W. Norton meet with college and university professors to promote textbooks and electronic course materials. In this position, representatives are intellectually engaged in a wide range of disciplines—from anthropology and English to music and biology. Because representatives visit different campuses and departments almost every day, there’s a great deal of variety. While reps may meet one-on-one with faculty on some days, on other days they’re hosting presentations, lunches, workshops, or book fairs. Publishing reps at W. W. Norton are constantly learning something new and regularly challenged to put that knowledge to the test.

W. W. Norton provides a one-on-one mentorship program, pairing each new representative with a senior level sales representative. Mentors offer guidance, advice, and encouragement to help new reps master the job and develop their talents. Mentors work with new representatives to improve organization, communication, productivity, and self-confidence. Mentors support the transition into the Norton culture, share insights into other career opportunities within the company, and help new representatives build a more extensive professional network.

Since an essential aspect of this position is devising distinctive strategies for securing business within a variety of disciplines and contexts, representatives become proficient problem solvers. Hosting presentations, book fairs, and lunches hones public speaking, communication, and event planning skills. Being a W. W. Norton representative will sharpen analytical skills and strengthen the ability to prioritize. Reps become increasingly outgoing and confident.

Individuals wishing to apply for this position should be self-motivated, enthusiastic, adept at time management, independent, and persuasive. Successful representatives love discussing their favorite books and enjoy continually learning. Candidates should have a wide range of interests and be able to engage in thoughtful conversations about any number of topics in the liberal arts and sciences. BA/BS degree required with a minimum GPA of 3.2. The ability to travel overnight is essential for some territories.

How to Apply:
Qualified candidates should apply by sending a copy of their resume and cover letter to: Applications submitted without a cover letter will not be considered.

This job was originally posted on Publisher’s Marketplace.