China Publishing Group’s executives finished their second full week of professional development at Pace University. Guest lecturers described exciting experiments and innovations across the publishing industry:

Mr. Marshall Corey
Mr. Marshall Corey


Marshall Corey, Vice President of Books & Products at American Express, explained how to launch new vertical lines within a long-standing company.

Dr. Mark J. H. Fretz, Director of Editorial Services at Scribe, walked through an XML-conformant well-formed document workflow that produces multiple formats from a single file.

Marc D. Jaffe, Partner at Latham & Watkins, presented a case study of a true transmedia suite of products around cultural icons.

Rick Richter, Founder & CEO of the Ruckus Media Group, said, “Mobile publishing is the biggest disruption to the industry since the paperback. It has proliferated faster than the toaster.” He characterized the app market as “completely different” from the ereader market, where the former is ruled by consumer brands.

Michael Crumsho, Editorial Director of Online Medical at McGraw-Hill Professional, identified the shift from periodic manuscript curation to ongoing product development so that medical practitioners always have current knowledge at their fingertips

Rafael Sidi, Vice President of Product Management at Elsevier, described what his digital division is doing to facilitate neuroscientists’ research and enhance their domain experience.

Mr. Art Klebanoff and Ms. Hannah Bennett of  RosettaBooks

Mr. Art Klebanoff and Ms. Hannah Bennett of RosettaBooks

Art Klebanoff, Founder & CEO of RosettaBooks LLC (pictured left with Hannah Bennett, RosettaBooks’ production & distribution assistant and recent Pace M.S. in Publishing graduate), explained how ebook publishing is a direct response business, not a retail play, and how price promotions are critical to success.

Margie Chan-Yip, a Global business Development & Licensing Executive, itemized the critical differences between copyright licensing and consumer brand licensing and digital product development using examples from Hasbro, Disney, and Sesame Street.


The week ended with a tour of the media offices of Bloomberg LP. The program concludes this week. Stay tuned for the wrap-up!

-Written by Professors Sandberg and Rosati