PPMG publishers had a front row seat to the testimony at the U.S. versus Apple trial over alleged price-fixing in the U.S. ebook market.

What better way to understand U.S. anti-trust law and ebook pricing practices than to experience firsthand the case of U.S. vs Apple Inc.? 


During their first full week of professional development, the executives of the Phoenix Publishing & Media Group spent a morning in Judge Cote’s courtroom downtown. They heard testimony from such publishing executives as David Young of Hachette, and then lunched in nearby Chinatown.


Other stellar speakers this week included Cyrus Kheradi, SVP of International Marketing, Sales, and East Asia Business Development at Random House (check title) who spoke about expanding RH’s digital footprint globally, and Marshall Sonenshine, founder of investment banking firm Sonenshine Partners LLC, who overviewed the U.S. market from an investor’s point of view with an eye toward acquiring U.S. publishing assets.


The program, taught by Professor Melissa Rosati and Professor Kirsten Sandberg, continues through next week.