Summer is always the best time to catch up on reading. Whether you’re at the beach, taking a long road trip to see your family, or taking refuge from the heat in the cold library stacks, you always need new reading material. For this week’s link of the week, we bring you lists of the best books about New York City. Whether you are in town or abroad, these novels will make you feel like you’re right back on 5th Avenue.


Rob Sullivan at The Huffington Post gives his choices here, his list is from 2011. Huff Po also surveyed their editors for their own picks in another article.

  • Going back in time to 1995, The New York Times contributor Sam Roberts lists his ten favorites.
  • Complex has a detailed list of 25 top NY novels here with great descriptions.
  • Goodreads has an overflowing list, how many have you read?
  • What do they think about New York literature across the pond? Check out The Guardian’s list to see how the British categorize New York novels.
  • Looking for the whole list? Wikipedia categorizes all the novels they know about by date here.
  • Quiklit has their own list complete with beautiful covers here.

Bonfire of the Vanities, The Great Gatsby, and The Catcher in the Rye are all popular favorites. What’s your top choice?