Sifting through the electronic piles of self-published books on Amazon can become a little overwhelming. Sure, there are reviews from avid Amazon members. But what if there was a website that provided not only great reviews on popular self-published books, but also that truly cared about giving self-published works a chance? You’ll find all that and more at IndieReader. IndieReader describes itself as a “venue for discriminating book-lovers to find and purchase books published by the people who wrote them.” IndieReader believes in the tradition of book publishing on the writers’ own terms. Not only that, but IndieReader provides publishing services that can guide an author on a secure self-publishing path. Those at IndieReader want others to have the chance to find a great book from authors who wish to deliver their art straight to the reader without a publishing company as the middleman. Also check out this great article on the Huffington Post from self-published author of Wool, Hugh Howey, who explains the importance of writing simply to write. If you are truly passionate about your work, and you trust in your words, then self-publishing may be right for you. To work with a publishing company today may not be the best route for everyone, especially when profit seems to drive the present masses.