Learn about job opportunities in Scholarly Publishing


Thursday, October 3rd at 6:00 – 7:00 pm;  Pace Midtown room 802


On Thursday, Oct. 3rd at 6 pm we’ll have two guests coming to speak to Pace publishing students about the opportunities in scholarly publishing.

Bernie Stukenborg, Society for Scholarly Publishing and Dartmouth Journal Services will discuss the field of scholarly publishing and the society’s activities, jobs and internships.

Rob O’Donnell, Director of Publishing at Rockefeller University Press, will discuss their training program and hiring advice.


Society for Scholarly Publishing

The organization has reached out to Pace students to discuss this field and to provide opportunities to attend their conferences and events.  He will explain the job opportunities in scholarly publishing and discuss the role of the SSP in serving this community.  Here are excerpts from the blog entry he wrote for us last year.


RSVP to Professor Andrea Baron by Wednesday, October 2nd  at puboffice@pace.edu