October 3,  2013

By MS in Publishing student: Tatyana Rosalia

Tatyana received her Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy from City University of New York-Hunter College. This is her first semester in the program. She currently is a Digital Production Intern at Sesame Workshop and an Editorial Intern at Worth Publishers. 

An Evening at Pace’s University’s Master of Publishing Program

Professor Baron invited three representatives from the field of scholarly publishing to meet with Pace students on October 3rd.  They were very eager to meet with us to discuss the opportunities in scholarly publishing, which includes a wide variety of print and digital publications. They were Greg Malar, Business Development Director, and Camille Clowery, Production Coordinator, of The Rockefeller University Press, and Bernie Stukenborg, Sales Representative from The Sheridan Group .

The Rockefeller University Press publishes three peer-reviewed biomedical journals: The Journal of Cell Biology, The Journal of Experimental Medicine and the Journal of General Physiology. The Press is owned by The Rockefeller University, which is a private, non-profit, graduate biomedical research university. Do not let this intimidate you from applying for jobs and internships though! Like other publishing companies, The Rockefeller University Press has an Editorial department, a Production and Electronic Publishing department as well as a Business department. If you are interested in being a copy editor, there is a six-month training program that is designed to help you get comfortable with copy editing scientific research papers.

The speakers were organized by Bernie Stukenborg.  His company provides print and digital services to publishers and he is an active member of the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), an industry group which includes representatives from national and international publishers in this field.  They have an excellent website, with information on their activities, career advice, a job board, and an excellent blog on digital publishing issues called The Scholarly Kitchen.   They welcome student participation.

The SSP has information on internships and jobs,  as well as a popular travel grants program, which gives students the opportunity to attend and participate in annual meetings, and a variety of mentoring events.  They also discussed networking opportunities in the American Association of Publishing and the Council of Science Editors.

It was an exciting opportunity to learn about the field of scholarly publishing. Thank you again for reaching out to us and to Professor Baron for coordinating everything!