For most of Pace’s M.S. in Publishing students, a significant part of the graduate experience is interning. Each semester MS in Publishing students intern throughout the books at magazine publishing industries at places like Open Road Media, Simon& Schuster, Random House, various literary agencies, Hearst, Meredith to name a few places.

Interning, both daunting and exciting experience opens up many doors for students and often paves the way for future career success. The article below from the Huffington Post will shed some light on the fact that a lot of mega-successful people were once interns too!


A wealth of knowledge, extensive opportunities and a foot in that dream job’s door can only describe one thing: internships. Several of us have been there — in college, high school or even as an adolescent — getting a glimpse of the real world and a chance to climb the career ladder. The paid vs. unpaid debate rages on inside intern land despite many positive work outcomes. It isn’t ALL grabbing coffee and making copies. Internships can actually get you somewhere and Hollywood has proof. We found at least 19 examples. These stars worked their way up before hitting it big.

1. Steven Spielberg

The prolific producer began an unofficial internship with Universal Studios when he was 17 years old. Spielberg continually snuck onto the studio lot (he wasn’t granted access) and networked with directors, even creating a short film that found its way into executives’ hands. Universal heads were so impressed that they offered him a seven-year contract. The rest is history.

2. Conan O’Brien

Funnyman O’Brien discussed his time interning for Barney Frank at the House of Representatives during an “Inside the Actor’s Studio” episode. He says he didn’t pursue politics because, “I didn’t want to work my way up.”

3. Tom Hanks

Before he was a movie star, Hanks was a college kid interning for the Great Lakes Theater Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. He obtained stage confidence and a wealth of theater production experience. The internship turned into a three-year gig … in which the actor would drop out of college (no longer needing formal theater education).

4. Oprah Winfrey

The famed TV host got her start at WLAC-TV, a CBS affiliate in Nashville, Tenn. She did such a stellar job delivering the news that the program brought her on fulltime as an anchor-reporter. In true Oprah fashion, the philanthropist became the first African-American female news anchor.

10. Jodie Foster

Despite being an Academy Award-winning actress, Foster took on a summer internship at Esquire in 1982. It turns out the job’s 9-to-5 lifestyle wasn’t for her.

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