The Young to Publishing Group is an initiative of the Association of American Publishers whose goal is to give entry-level and junior industry employees an opportunity to create relationships outside of their own publishing house as well as to gain important knowledge about the industry. Membership is free and is open to all lesser experienced employees of publishing (about 0 to 5 years of publishing experience) whose house is an AAP member.

The goals of the YPG include:

  • Provide an environment in which individuals new to the industry (0-5 years) feel welcomed and part of a bigger picture.
  • Create opportunities for individuals to learn about the publishing industry as a whole—all the departments and steps that influence the making of a book.
  • Organize opportunities for industry peers (entry/junior level) to mingle, network and get to know one another.

On October 19, 2013, the Young Publishing Group will take part in this year’s New York Cares Day, which is an annual community service event that helps over 100 NYC public schools accomplish what their school budgets can’t.

Keep up to date with the YPG here until you have acquired your first book publishing or agency job, which could be sooner than you think.