Now that you have seen the salary survey from the book publishing side, check out this salary survey from Folio addressing the magazine side. Luckily incomes have not grown smaller, but they have not increased either. However, the amount of tasks that magazine editors have taken on have increased in the past few years. In 2012 72% of survey respondents claimed that they have taken on more responsibilities, a similar number to the 77% in 2011. Though there doesn’t appear to be an increase in compensation for this extra work. Only 6% felt they were being compensated well for the heavier workload, 30% felt they were not compensated well at all, and the rest fell somewhere in the middle. In what divisions are the editors working more? 86% claimed they are working more in online content, 37% said they are working more in event development, and 34% of respondents were working more in print.

Check out the survey here and read the numbers for yourself. As long as our salaries aren’t decreasing, I think we’re in an okay position.