Halloween is tomorrow, and if you haven’t found a costume or bought your candy yet- IT’S TIME. Perhaps these links will inspire you to get in the spirit of the season:

BuzzFeed’s 17 Awesome Literary Costumes -Are you having a hard time deciding what to be? Well, as a publishing student you are sure to be delighted by these get-ups. Everything ranging from a male Margaret Atwood to a pug Gandalf. You will not be disappointed.

In honor of our favorite horror books, Penguin Classics has decided to get scary. They have revamped their horror classics and each one has a new, more terrifying and eye-catching cover. Check them out here. Happy Halloween to you too, Penguin.


Lastly, The Guardian has ranked writer Joseph D’Lacey’s Top 10 Horror books. While some on his list undeniably terrify, others aren’t as obvious. What scares you the most? Do yours match up?