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DIY: How to Understand Self-Publishing Acronyms

One of the first challenges of self-publishing is learning the jargon. Authors who manage their own marketing, distribution, and printing will soon find that there are far more concepts — and acronyms — they must learn about than if they were working with a traditional publisher.

“There are a lot of terms, but I think it would be the same in any industry,” says Patricia Payton, senior manager of publisher relations and content development at Bowker, which recently launched Self-Published “You are coming into a supply chain for a certain type of product and trying to learn how you fit into it.” Click here to see the rest of the article.


Why All Self-Publishers Need a Good Editor

“Just get it down on paper, and then we will see what to do with it,” said Maxwell Perkins, the revered editor of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Thomas Wolfe. If this sage piece of advice worked for them, it can work for you.

Perkins is credited with having convinced the powers that be at Scribner that The Great Gatsbywas a masterpiece and with helping Fitzgerald make it that way. If you’d like a little insight into what great editing looks like, check out the correspondence between Perkins and Fitzgerald at Letters of Note. Click here to read the rest of the article.