This week check out the Beyond the Book Podcast from the Copyright Clearance Center. The podcast is a series that focuses on the business of writing and publishing. Several professionals in the business discuss the triumphs and struggles that publishing faces in different areas with members of the CCC. In Books the Amazon Way Jim Milliot of Publishers Weekly speaks with CCC’s Chris Kenneally about Daphne Durham, Amazon’s current publisher. Every Friday, Beyond the Book talks with editors and reporters from Publishers Weekly for a first look at the news that publishers, editors, authors, agents, and librarians will be discussing when they restart the work week on Monday. However, during the entire week Beyond the Book keeps the publishing industry up to date with important news. It is interesting to hear what professionals have to say about the business rather than only reading about it, despite the fact that reading is what we do best. It gives us a chance to feel closer to ones that we strive to become.