This is the first installment of the new blog feature where we ask students, faculty, alumni and advisory board members questions about books, magazine, and anything else related to the publishing industry.

To get things started we asked the simple but complicated question, What are you reading?


Professor Paul Levitz…

Is reading Scott Berg’s WILSON biography and Douglas Rushkoff’s THE FUTURE IS NOW.


Professor Dave Delano…has a very full nightstand and…

just finished reading The Black Count  by Tom Reiss, a biography of Alexnder Dumas’ father, whose life was the basis for many of Dumas’ characters.
And, is also re-reading All That Is , by James Salter, because it was so evocative of how lives, careers, and relationships intertwine.

Ditto for A Sense on an Ending, by Julian Barnes.  Again, this is a reflection on a life and several relationships.

Lastly, Prof. Delano just started Thunderstruck , another Erik Larsen, but this is about Marconi and the various scientific and corporate rivals that competed with him to develop wireless



Professor Jane Denning…

Just finished the beautiful and brilliant A Tale for the Time Being by the Man Booker nominated, Ruth Ozecki.  “What can I say about this book?  It was an inspiring, deeply felt reading experience for me.  The story spanned such a broad spectrum of time and topics and made me see things differently with every new paragraph.  Ruth is a remarkable person and she wrote a remarkable, contemporary, timeless book that we can all learn from.”

She also just read:

Louise Erdrich’s, The Round House , a heart wrenching story of a young boy growing up on a reservation in North Dakota.

Roxanna Robonson’s, Sparta, the moving story of a young returning Military Veteran named Conrad. “Sparta was the name of Conrad’s base outside Haditha, but Robinson also offers a short, sobering lesson on the ancient model of the hyper-military in Greece, which adds depth to the more jolting history of the horrifying experiences of the modern military in Iraq.”

Jim Crace’s, brilliant HARVEST.

And she just started Alice Munro’s newest collection of short stories, DEAR LIFE, and is marveling at Munro’s clarity of vision and her unparalleled gift for storytelling

Clearly, her commute is way to long!