Social Media Week is a week-long event from February 17 to February 21 that will bring together important figures of the social media and networking community. The event will include presentations about Advertising and Marketing, Networking and Parties, Science and Technology, Media and Publishing, and others. “Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself: Finding Recognition Online for Your Career” is one example of an Advertising and Marketing presentation. An example of a Media and Publishing panel includes “Is Social Killing Storytelling?” which AOL will host. The event has numerous presentations and panels to attend. Not only will you be discovering new things about social media and networking, but you will be able to social network yourself. Speakers at the event include Eli Pariser, CEO of Upworthy, Neil Blumenthal, Co-founder of the eyeglasses company Warby Parker, Jordan Hillary Freeman, Marketing Director at the Huffington Post, and many others. View the entire list of this year’s speakers here. The amount of knowledge and expertise at this event will be insurmountable.

Are you ready to learn about the future? The Social Media Week “Networking” pass is only $29. The pass includes full access to first floor Campus exhibitions, installations, and networking lounges. If you would like to attend, you can purchase a pass here. Space is limited so act quickly!