Vida- Women in Literary Arts  is a grassroots organization founded in 2009 in order to create and spark intelligent conversation on the reception of women’s creative writing. Every year, Vida does the “Vida Count,” where “Women from across the country dedicate thousands of combined hours to perform an arduous task: manually, painstakingly tally the gender disparity in major literary publications and book reviews.  We do this to offer up concrete data and assure women authors (and wayward editors) that the sloped playing field is not going unnoticed.  We do this to ignite and fan the flames of necessary discourse.  We do this each year because our literary community can only benefit from a range of voices. Take a look at our annual VIDA Count, tell your friends, write to the editors, Count with us.  We are offering up our Methodologies so you too may contribute to deepen and complicate this conversation.”

This 2013 Vida Count was just posted today and it shows a slight yet hopeful change in trends. You can view it here.