Ever wonder what it takes to get hired at a place like Google? You think it has to be all about resume– good grades, student government position, fraternity/sorority alumni, right? Well, you’d be wrong. At Google, it isn’t about the obvious “emergent” leadership qualities, what it’s really all about is flexibility. Google, and successful companies like Google, aren’t looking for obvious geniuses. They’re looking for quick witted problem solvers, who aren’t afraid to step up or step back to get a project done.

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“Most of what makes Google’s culture work is free. The bulk of what we do to cultivate this creative, passionate workforce costs nothing. Making our mission tangible is a natural outcome of who we are. Defaulting to open and giving Googlers a voice is a natural consequence of acting in accordance with what we believe about people. I believe this is an insight about the human condition. People look for meaning in their work. People want to know what’s happening in their environment. People want to have some ability to shape that environment. Mission. Transparency. Voice. These three components of our culture create a virtuous cycle of attraction, community, engagement, and innovation. “

Laszlo Bock – Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google Inc.