In keeping with the “digital” theme, this week’s link is centered around Digital Book World. DBW began “with the only conference designed to address the radically changing commercial publishing environment” which evolved into a “year-round platform offering educational and networking resources for consumer publishing professionals and their partners — including agents, booksellers and technology vendors — online and in person.”

Digital Book World’s mission is one we strive for in the publishing community. Their mission is “to provide a forum for the community to gather, share hard-won insights, present innovative challenges, and pool its collective intelligence for the benefit of all its members.” From their annual conference and monthly WEBcasts, to the articles, research, and white papers they publish, the goal of DBW is “to provide the most practical information, resources and networking opportunities publishing professionals need to thrive as the industry evolves.”

The Digital Book World Conference is the only conference specifically for trade publishers. Every year, the Conference focuses on helping publishers “capitalize on their existing assets in the short-term while developing and executing a viable digital strategy for the long-term.” The Conference also has a large focus on the community. Digital Book World sees the importance on focusing on trade publishers of all sizes and niches.

The DWB website also posts great articles about what is happening in the industry with a focus on digital issues, of course. Staying up to date on these issues will be important in advancement in the publishing industry.