Are you a fast reader? Do you want to teach yourself how to read faster? Spritz, the speed-reading venture, has teamed up with Oyster, the e-book subscription service for a trial run. Oyster is said to be the “Netflix of books” because you can read as many books as you would like per month. Oyster is a book junkie’s dream. Read more about Oyster from a previous Link of the Week post.

However, if you ever thought you couldn’t read fast enough, then you can now with Spritz. This technology “reformats longform reading content, transforming the act of reading from scanning across a page from sentence to sentence to focusing the eyes on a single spot of streaming words.” This format eliminates the traditional way of reading back and forth across a page. You can also adjust the speed at which each single word appears. Spritz currently offers reading speeds from 100 words per minute to the amazing 700 words per minute.

The trial book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, with 432 pages, would only take you two hours to read using Spritz, according to Oyster. Want to try speed-reading on the go? Spritz even offers a Google Glass app.

Do you think you could read an entire book by only reading one word at a time? Of course, those words will be moving incredibly fast. Could this tool help students and professionals improve their reading speeds? It would be beneficial if Spritz included a comprehension test at the end of each speed-reading session. Will this type of reading catch on? We’ll just have to wait and see…although it actually might not take that long.

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