Publishers_Weekly_logoThe Livres Hebdo/Publishers Weekly’s annual ranking is in, and the largest 56 publishers have been decided. Rounding out the top 10 are:

1. Pearson

2. Reed Elsevier

3. Thomson Reuters

4. Wolters Kluwer

5. Random House

6. Hachette Livre

7. Holtzbrinck

8. Grupo Planeta

9. Cengage

10. McGraw-Hill Education

Notably, the top 6 have held on tightly to their spots and have not changed since the 2012 ranking. Others, weren’t as stable. Scholastic moved down two spots from #9 to #11, McGraw-Hill fell 3 rankings from #7 to #10, while Holtzbrinck did a vice versa swap rising from #10 to #7.

To read more on the rankings, view here.