micPace Alum and Production manager in International Digital Operations at NOOK Media/BN.com, Dior Vargas, was just recently featured in an article entitled, “23 Women Show Us Their Favorite Position.” While the title is certainly referring to an innuendo, it’s not in the way you think. As the article recalls, Lauren Conrad, fashion designer and star of MTV’s Laguna Beach and diorThe Hills, was asked what her favorite position was in an interview and without missing a beat, the ever-professional and level headed Conrad responded, “CEO.”

Which got the minds at Identities.Mic turning. If Conrad could so easily respond to what was supposed to be a demeaning inquiry and in effect flip it on it’s head, what if they asked other successful and ambitious women the same thing. The result was not only encouraging, but empowering as well. As evidenced by Vargas’s answer, we’re proud to call her an alumni.

When asked what her favorite position was, she confidently responded with her current job title, Production Manager. But she doesn’t leave it at that. Vargas explains why her position is her favorite in an incredibly pertinent way saying, “My favorite part about this job is that I get to be at the forefront of the latest developments in digital newsstand publishing. Also, I get to work with publishers from 32 countries and in 21 languages! There are very few women of color in this industry, so I am very happy to be part of it.”

We’re happy you’re a part of it, too!