When it comes to advancing in your career, it can be difficult to know when taking a step forward is worth the risk. The working world is full of opportunities, but not every opportunity is the right one for you. Knowing how to take steps that will advance your career and cultivating leadership skills are important to having a successful and productive career.

But we’ve all heard of the people who went to school for one thing and ended up doing something entirely different. Sometimes things just happen; we all have to ready to embrace whatever comes. Maybe it’s not the dream, but who knows… it could lead you to a new dream.

On March 27-28, the Women’s Leadership Conference provides an opportunity to explore what it means and looks like to step out on a limb, to push forward in your career. Speakers will talk on a variety of topics, including brand management through digital profiles, turning talk into action, and others. Click here for a full list of the speakers, workshops, and panel discussions available.

One of Pace University’s Publishing program’s graduates of 2009, Dior Vargas, will be on a panel discussion titled “Life I Didn’t Expect.” The Women’s Leadership Conference is an excellent opportunity to engage with current discussion on a variety of issues and questions in the working world.

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Also, take some time to read Vargas interview with Jane Denning here.