Readers are often faced with the dilemma of finding a new book to read. You may have just finished a book you loved so much that you (briefly) wonder if it’s possible to love another book again. Or maybe you just finished another bad book, and you wonder whether it’s a good idea to chance another unknown for fear of continuing the trend. Regardless of what you read, the question of “what book next” is sure to have popped up at some point. What do you do to find new books? Leave it up to the library gods while you wander aisles of books? Ask your friends on social media? Check out the bestseller lists? All of these are great options, but they don’t always yield good results.

There’s a new resource on the horizon that may make new books (that you’ll enjoy) easier to find: Trajectory.


Publisher’s Weekly  posted an article at the end of January that features this new start-up, which “has developed a proprietary algorithm platform it claims will take book recommendations to a new level of accuracy and utility. After scanning the text of a book, Trajectory claims its technology can deliver better keywords and book recommendations to its clients in the bookselling, library and school markets” (Reid, PW article).

Be sure to check out the website to read more about how Trajectory operates and how they hope to influence the future of book reading.