The opportunities for cultural and artistic exposure in New York City are rampant–museums and culture centers, ethnic food of any kind you can imagine, musical performances on stages and subway platforms, and literary events aplenty in book stores and cafes.

One such literary event is part of series put on by Writers Read NYC. In 2001 Writers Read NYC  was established “by a group of writers looking to showcase their work and that of others” (Source). WRNYC puts on six events each year that feature established and emerging writers of both fiction and nonfiction. Attendees to the reading events in the city can expect to hear a mix of form, be it poetry, essay, memoir, or short stories.

The next reading for 2015 is coming up on April 26th at The Sidewalk Café, 94 Avenue A.

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Be sure to check out the Writers Read NYC website for information regarding featured writers and upcoming events!