Getting your book noticed is a difficult task, especially when it’s a self-published title. Everyone touts the online strategies: get on social media, keep an updated website, cultivate an audience, put yourself out there. These strategies are legitimate ways to publicize a book, but it’s not a foolproof way to get noticed.

One author, Michael Daley, tried all these strategies and still didn’t have much to show for it.


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“The mantra for self-publishing is ‘go online.’ And I was doing that with disappointing results,” said Daley, who has posted information about the book along with sample chapters on his website. “The fact is, it’s hard to get noticed when no one is looking. That’s when it dawned on me—people are browsing bookstores” (Source).

Serialized novels have become more common in recent years; readers are more likely to follow a specific author these days, which gives that author more opportunities to experiment with different marketing methods. Daley not only created in an unusual format, he approached his marketing in a unique way. Local bookstores in Vermont have taken local author loyalty to a new level by partnering with Daley, sans retail intermediaries.

This arrangement is a unique one, and is certainly an example of thinking outside the box when it comes to getting noticed. Whether Daley’s tactics are successful or not, it’s nice to see self-published authors cultivating their presence in unique ways.

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