Crowdfunding isn’t a very new idea, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular method of financial support, be it for college tuition, smart watch technology, movies, or games (check out an extensive list here). Inkshares approaches publishing from a readers-first position– every book published goes through a vetting process where ideas are first shared with followers and those invested in the company, and eventually, if a title earns enough supporters, it is guaranteed to be published. Read more about how Inkshares works here!

UnknownInkshares takes on the burden of editing, producing, distributing, and marketing each book, which allows every author the leisure of focusing solely on making his or her book the best it can be. Inkshares is a unique go-between for authors who are torn between self-publishing and traditional: “For authors who want the services provided by a traditional publisher—including marketing and distribution into physical bookstores—but with higher royalties and direct reader engagement, Inkshares may be an option worth considering” (source).

Crowdfunding allows the consumer to decide whether a product enters the market or not, which cultivates a sense of partnership with the author. With such a close connection between reader and author, will this kind of approach gain wider acceptance in the publishing world?