Publishers Weekly announced today the launch of Ed Greenwood’s new publishing venture this fall. Greenwood, a fantasy and sci-fi author probably best known for his creation of the Forgotten Realms universe for Dungeons and Dragons, has been writing for over 30 years, and has published more than 200 books. This publishing venture, The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG), was born from a desire to continue the creation of worlds.


“Over the years, Forgotten Realms and gaming have taken me all over the world and made me all sorts of new friends,” he said. “That, for me, is the payoff—the fact that I’m not alone, sitting there creating this thing in my head” (Publishers Weekly).

The background work that Greenwood has undertaken to set this venture up is enormous. Already, he has more than 100 authors, 30 game designers, and 50 artisans interested in getting involved with the project.

It’s becoming more common to see big-name authors take steps outside of their own authorship. Just this week, Ursula  Le Guin, another well-known sci-fi/fantasy author, announced the launch of a online fiction writing workshop in connection with the Book View Café blog, and back in 2010, James Frey founded Full Fathom Five.

Whether Greenwood finds success in this venture or not, it’s a great thing to see big-name authors take a bigger editorial role in the publishing world.