Two weekends ago, The Javitz convention hall was full to bursting with wonderfully nerdy booths touting their wares during the annual New York Comic Convention. And I was lucky enough to be volunteering at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s (CBLDF) booth. The non-profit’s dedication to protecting First Amendment rights in the art form of comics was absolutely amazing to be a part of. It was wonderful talking to different people about the comics we had on display for donation and their childhood experiences with them. Just standing at the booth I was able to see fantastically designed customs of characters from shows like The Walking Dead and Doctor Who to characters from video games like Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock.


Photo credit NY Waterway

Other than the actual volunteering, which was so much fun, my favorite part of Comic Con was that not only were adults cosplaying as various characters, children were also costumed in their favorite characters. They were so incredibly happy about it too. There was one little boy who, when I knew who he was cosplaying, got so into his character that I could not stop smiling. It made my day. I could not be more thankful that not only was I introduced to the CBLDF, but that I also got to meet and talk to some many amazing people.

Interested in learning more about the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund? Check out their website here: